Monday, March 20, 2006

Kudos Update
Well Im still writing code, but how far the game is towards completion is seriously hard to say.
What have I added lately?
A (very) basic tutorial for the game. (I need to get people evaluating it soon, so I have a sanity check).
The basic structure for saving and loading games. This is working, although the actual game doesn't handle the loaded in data fully yet, so its not usable.
You can now sell stuff you bought (like bicycles, books etc) and get half your money back.
You only gain kudos now for social events that YOU organise. Likewise losing kudos.
The GUI for displaying items you have bought now scales for more than 40 items. I might not need more than that yet.
You can buy a laptop which lets you shop online 7 days a week, rather than just the weekends.
I'm still constantly experimenting with the GUI.

I've held off on buying sounds for the cat, and the guitar as I intend to record my cat going meow (harder than it sounds), and myself playing the guitar. Somehow, I need to get a USB mic of high quality...

The rest of the day will probably be spent on revsiting the code for restaurants, and tuning the stuff where if you have low kudos, some snooty restaurants will pretend not to have a free table.

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