Monday, March 27, 2006

Define the 'CULTURE'
Not a productive day today, mainly due to design indecision about the right way to be pushing forwards. Some nice new stuff has gone in though, The game summarizes your character in text underneath the avatar now, so you get phrases like "wealthy alcoholic musician" or "calm, confident lawyer" depending how you play :D

Also there are a few more profile bitmaps, and some changes to the way people react to you. Now, when you invite indirect friends out on social events, they evaluate your kudos, IQ and cultural knowledge. They may pretend to be busy if you aren't up to scratch.
This is a new focus for the game. Basically there are threee paths to concentrate on, Kudos (sociabiltiy and friendliness) IQ, and Culture. You can be a very unfriendly reclusive person who is highly cultured. Thats someone who has read everything by Shakespeare and Jane Austen but has never been to the pub. Or you can be a highly intelligent physicist who has no appreciation of classic 'culture'. Or you can be a popular social animal who knows little about culture and isn't the brightest spark.
Or of course, you can be a balance between all 3.
The BIG problem here is making ANY generalisations about something like 'Culture'. It's a very touchy subject. You are bound to annoy some people with what you define as culture and what you don't.

For example, I find shakespeare a bit tedious in written form. I'd prefer reading Iain Banks or Malcolm Gladwell to Shakespeare, and listening to Metallica over Mozart. Does that mean I am un-cultured?
Sadly, most societies, DO actually have a general consensus on such things. I just watched the UK 'quiz' program 'university challenge'. If you haven't seen it, imagine the most academic, pompous and elitist quiz show on earth, and multiply by 100.

"You have 3 more questions on puccini Arias.."

Now many of us would rubbish this assumption that culture is just museums, classical music, opera and theater, but the media still sticks with it.
I'm hoping people see it for what it is in my game, a generalisation used to enhance gameplay, nothing more :D

I updated some of the graphics in Democracy, they look a bit more trendy now (maybe even more cultured)

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