Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The cool factor
When I first saw Spore- the video! I was a bit depressed. this game looked absolutely jaw dropping. how can I compete with that? I guess you might say "who cares, theres plenty of sales to go around", but things like this do 'raise the bar' on what people expect.

I just mocked up a really cool feature for kudos, an interface idea. I'm all over the interface, I love it, its a place where games don't seem to innovate any more. I'm not showing screenshots of it yet, because it'll get nicked.
My plan is not for kudos to look amazing, nor for it to be the most radical gameplay wise, or the cheapest, or the most addictive.
Kudos will be cool.
It will be the game where people say "have you seen that game thats got X in it" or "its the game entirely done like a X".
maybe cool is the wrong word. *different* or *interesting*
not predictable.
Thats the current plan. I'll change my mind, you see if I don't!

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