Monday, January 16, 2006

Personality Time
I updated the skimpy milo website today
This is it
Not much there still, but I added some text about my current design issue. I need about 5 characteristics that determine personality. I'm going with the theory that 'birds of a feather flock together' rather than 'opposites attract', because I'm not concerned about romance in Milo, just social relationships. So I'm presuming that an extroverted, chaotic, optimist will not get on so well with a shy, organised, and methodical pessimist.
The plan is the game will either give you a random personality, or generate one from a personality test at the start. These characteristics will then determine how well you get on with the various people you meet.
I've coded in a number of randomly chosen characteristics, and basic code to make matches good, and mismatches bad. I'm also hoping that these can be referenced elsewhere in the sim. So some activities (like parachute jumping) arent going to appeal to cautious people and so on.
Ideally I'd keep that data hidden, and have people make common sense judgements about which of their friends they invite parachute jumping, and which they invite to dinner parties.
The cats fought horribly at the weekend. Im trying to gradually get them used to each other.

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