Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ok, so now its done I can say what it was:
I did a blue sky research project for The Sims Division at EA, basically doing a gameplay prorotype for what I think could be done with the Sims franchise. It was great fun, and working with Maxis/EA was pretty flawless. I'm really proud of what I managed to get done in the timescale I had.
But back to Earth, and Milo:
Got some major gameplay stuff in today, quite happy about the drag-drop stuff for inviting people out places. One thing that's quite cool is that I don't need an interface to 'uninvite' people, as that just matches real life. You can't still go to the resturant after you call dull buddy #3 and tell him its cancelled.
I'm quite motivated about the possibilities for the game right now, and I have a new possible title for it, 'Milo' isn't exactly a cool name for a mass market game.
And my Dominos Pizza shares rose VERY slightly. phear my skillz.
Is it geeky to slice a jacket potato with a klingon dagger? I often think that a batleth is exactly the right shape to slice pizza.

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