Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not me, but Milo. he can have a good or a bad day, and this now affects his mood. Milo will bring other people down if he socialises when he is miserable, and although his friends may cheer him, he might upset them.
This is one of the balancing acts in the game. Your friend invites you out (via email - new feature) to the bar with his cool and popular buddy, but you are in such a bad mood, do you risk going out anyway and making a bad imrpession, or pass up the opportunity to hang out with famous dude #1 because the waiter job you took to pay the bills has given you a hard time?
I'm quite motivatd about the games possibilities right now.
I also bought shares in Dominos pizza today. A stock to watch, they are doing well. BUY! BUY!

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