Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I just updated the milo web page very briefly
Getting lot's done, the layout of the games data is beginning to feel a lot like the way 'Democracy' loaded in data from Excel spreadsheets (csv files actually, even simpler) Which is good because I am on familiar ground.
I've been concentrating on the socialising side of the game quite a bit, I need to flesh out the career side too, which needs quite a bit of design, and then come to some decisions about how to handle money. I might just have a 'disposable income' bit based on milos career, or I might have him pay out rent etc etc.
I'm determined for the game to have plenty of scope for the darker and weirder side of things, I'm still deciding whether Milo should be able to take drugs. Clearly he could lower his stress level that way, and I was originally planning on having a 'paranoia' level that would go up with drug use and cause problems. It's a bit of a minefield. Maybe milo should just have a bath instead?

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