Monday, January 09, 2006

Milo - Day Three
I got some retail interest in democracy for UK/USA but the royalty rate is way too low. I think that might be the last time I even worry about retail again. The amount the developer gets just isn't worth doing it.
Back in Milo-land. Things are going along at a nice rate, because I'm trying to get something up and running quick. I'll try and update my dev screenshots daily.
I have split Milos daily choices into two main options now, he can socialise. or he can do something on his own. They are branches of the same thing code-wise.
So a social event would be a cinema trip, where he can choose who to invite, and a solo thing might be to read a book, watch TV etc. There will be an element of 'self-improvement' too. Milo might spend the evening doing press-ups, which won't exactly relax him, but it will improve his fitness, maybe his physical attractiveness, and indirectly, will increase his happiness.
This is similar to the design for Democracy, where different choices had numerous 'chaos-theory' style effects all over the place. Originally I started coding milo the same way, but I've retreated from that slightly for this initial coding stage.
That reminds me, that I'm planning on spending some time this week on promoting modding for Democracy. Its so cool to be able to do that and not need 'permission' from another department to support modders!
My new cat (Tobin) has not met the old cat (Jadzia) yet. I plan to introduce them this week...

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