Friday, January 06, 2006

Milo - Day two
Not much to report at the moment, agonising over some early design stuff to do with the extent to which the game is purely about milos relationships, and the amount of modeling I will do for the rest of his life, such as his career and financial situation.
Also already had a long philosophical talk about the nature of enjoyment and how it is calculated.
What determines whether you have fun when you socialise?

Lets say for simplicity it's 3 things:
A)Who turns up and what you think of them
B)If you like the chosen activity (example: cinema)
C)If the activity was good (good movie?)

lets say we score these like so:
25% (didnt like people) 65% (love films) 99% (great film)

So how do we decide how good it was?
is it
(A*0.33) + (B * 0.33) + (C * 0.33)


(A * B * C)

It makes a HUGE difference. Can one bad factor ruin a night out? Will I have a bad time whoever comes out if the film is so dire? or will I always have a minimal good time if I'm with my best friends? Is that choice itself dependent on my personality? Does it matter what kind of activity it was? (A bad movie wrecks the evening, but if the beers poor in a bar with friends, who cares?)
This is the stuff game designers have to think about. and it's nowhere near as simple as people think...

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