Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Milo - day four- Friends who know each other
My best friends wife is my wifes best friend. This may not be that unusual, but in interface and game terms it just doesn't help.
I've decided not to worry about it, at least at this stage. Your friends will have distinct groups of friends, and you can make their friends (who I refer to as acquaintances) your friends if you hang out with them enough.
So if Steve has a mate called Dave, I can't invite Dave out, but if I go out with Steve, I'll spend time with Dave, and Eventually Dave might become my friend in his own right. I could then punch Steve in the face if I wanted :D
What I'm aiming for is a 'I'm only friends with him because he has some cool friends' phenomena.
The game is still both conceptually and code-wise a bit of a jumbled mess. But that's always the way at the start of a project.
I have basic stuff running, so (for example) you can spend your eveings reading a book, and over time become more educated. Obviously it needs to depend what book, and you also need to become lonely, and maybe even dull as a result, but you get the idea.
Right now Milos life consists of going to the cinema, reading a book and drinking beer. I have thus already simulated 99% of human existance.

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