Thursday, January 12, 2006

Milo - day six friendships, once lost...
I spent a lot of time today fiddling with the process for gaining and losing friends. Basically if you hang out with jack, and he brings bob with him, you can become bobs friend too. Bob then forgets about jack effectively (for game purposes). That's fine, but if you then don't hang out with Bob, I was trying to get him to go back to being 'that friend of jack', which is fine, but you have to dump all of the new 'friends of bob' but give him back his friendship with jack, and it all got a bit horrid.
So now, when you lose a friend, you lose em for good. I can work on it, and make that better once I have all the other stuff up and running.

I'm going to need a lot of faces for the game. I'm torn between

a) getting people to submit a legal release and a picture (inconsistant visually, but good PR)
b) getting an artists to knock them up, either one-offs or using a kind of identity-kit method
c) Buying some face modeling package and using that.

I'm no idea how practical c) would be. I think its important enough that if it's a few hundred dollars that would be ok. anyone know any?

I'm toying with the idea of finding a male model to be Milo. I could get some photos of him looking exactly the way I wanted, maybe different expressions to reflect milos mood, with some extra PR stuff for adverts etc etc. This is the kind of stupid thoughts I have when I don't actually have to do it yet. I've always planned on having his face really obviously in the games GUI (as in the latest screenshot ->)

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