Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of 2005
So what happened in 2005?
Well The movies actually got finished, and I left Lionhead, and I suspect, retail game development, for good. This marked the start of my second attempt (and first really serious one) at running my own business.
I released my first genuinely successfull indie game - Democracy, sold well over a thousand copies online. I started my first ever subcontract to a third party (still hush hush on that for now).
The last Star Wars film was released...
I bought a Klingon dagger for use as a letter opener / orange peeler / general defensive weapon.
I finally gave in to the inevitable and got both an accountant and a fax machine - Bah.

So whats ahead?
Feverish attempts to prevent Democracys sales sliding any lower, so as to afford to buy food etc
Top secret uber ambitious and fuzzily defined new game will start work in a week or so. (Current uber-secret name - 'Project Milo')
Must cut out and frame that 2 page l33t review of Democracy in the French magazine.
Happy new year gang.

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