Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Site Changes and End of 3rd Party stuff
Today I finally sent off the finished product for the 3rd party thing I've worked on for two months. So until I hear back from them, I'm presuming I'm now free to work on Positech Stuff. I'll write up a description of what that entails tommorow.
I made some trivial website changes today. I added the '2005 sim game of the year' tag to Democracy's description, plus I changed the company 'motto' from:
Small,Fun,Downloadable games
Original,Fun,Downloadable games
I think originality is more valued than download size these days. In fact, I no longer consider download size below 30MB to be any kind of worry on an indie game, and full versions can be up to 100MB without worry I reckon.
Sales are still pretty good. I just hope it lasts... I have so many silly annoying expenses coming up like MOT, Car Tax yada yada,

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