Friday, December 23, 2005

I Can Feel My Body Breaking?
My favourite band of all time are Dream Theater. If you don't like uber complex wibbly guitar music turn away now. Anyway, they are seriously clever musicians. Some would say stupidly indulgent, but the main thing is they write EXACTLY the kind of music they want, ignoring all trend and fashion.
Anyway, I've been listening to their latest album a lot, and one song, might be the 2nd or 3rd, has this particular section in it, which has "I can feel my body breaking..." as part of the lyrics, and its taken entirely from another song of theirs on another album. The cunning thing is that the 2 songs are totally different, yet the same section flows effortlessly into both. I'd like to think they are just showing off how easily they can pull that off. I only just heard the original version right now, and It knocks me sideways how talented these guys are.
I used to teach guitar, and I know my way around wibbly guitar playing. I don't reckon Steve vai or Yngwie Malmsteen have anything on John Petrucci. And as for Dream theaters drummer... that guy aint human.

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