Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day TWELVE - Marketing Stupidity 101
Lets say it's 2005, the age of the internet and you have a new 'triple A' megabucks game to sell. Make sure you call it something really distinctive so it can be found on google, like 'GUN'. Ooops, nope you might as well have called it 'The'. Mistake numero uno.
So I head to the activision website to check it out:
Lesson 2, don't allow people to even read about the game until they enter a valid credit card number. No I am not kidding, yes this is modern game marketing. yes its insane. For one thing, I'm 36 and don't even have a credit card.
I wanted to find out if the game had a demo, but knowing modern hype-based marketing, they will have not bothered with a demo. If people could play the demo, they might see through the triple A hype right?
I am PROUD that all my games have freely available demos. I KNOW that this helps a GOOD game to sell. I am going to make it a rule to never buy a game that doesn't have a demo...
What do you think? you think this is good PR?

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