Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tax return day is never fun. I take heart in the knowledge that now I have an accountant this is probably my last one. The big problem is the Inland Revenue (UKs IRS) automatically assume you have an accountant, and that you have nothing better to do than read hundred page documents on obscure law. I've been putting off doing it, but as I feel REALLY rough (thanks Tom!) today, I might as well ruin it completely by dealing with Tax.
I did get some work done today on a design proposal for a third party. That could turn out very well as I'm very excited about the project.
So I have 2 things going on here:
The secret game thats a biz sim style thing that I'm designing, coding and working on myself for Positech (my company). That's going pretty well, and I'm at the coding stuff and making things work stage.
and an even more secret project for a 3rd party which might take up a few months. That's being done partly because its a cool company to work with, partly because it's nice to have some guaranteed cash now that I'm not salaried. I still don't know 100% if that's going ahead yet.
Interesting times ahead.
Things haven't been finalised with my last employer, which is why I haven't really spoken about that game on here yet. Ideally it would be nice to be able to answer questions about it etc.

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