Thursday, November 10, 2005

How often can you be intrrupted in one day? if it's not long phonecalls about accountancy, its people selling landscape gardening or religious enlightenment at the doorstep. Don't these people realise I have work to do?
Todays progress has been rocky. Random numbers not being random due to weird bugs wasted a good hour of my time, and progress hasn't been as fast as normal.
However, I'm still convinced this game idea is great. It's a bit frustrating that it's not a 'pure' positech game. The moment it's finished I need to throw myself back into the muystery abacus game, to secure future earnings.
I'm still dithering about getting Civ4. I like the idea of Civ, just not sure if (like most triple-a retail games) in practice it will annoy me with FMV, voiceovers and other bloated waffle that afflicts all new games.
Maybe I'll get it cheap when I'm back from holiday.

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