Friday, November 04, 2005

I've felt ill for 6 days now. That's way too long. Not feeling well enough to get much done today, hopefully it will clear up tommorow. I have had a little rush of Democracy Sales. Someone has asked why the retail deals I signed are only Europe (and not all of Europe). Its a good question, because its a good selling game that would sell well in the UK, USA and Australia without any translation. The thing is, the price needs to be right, as I'd be losing out on some online sales when its in retail, so it's not 'free money'.
Like almost everyone in the Uk dev community, I get sent MCV every week. Its a really boring magazine about the retail games industry. I hardly ever read it, but today I read a bit of it. There was a big argument between an indepedent retailer and a distributor over X-Boxes. There is a lot of this, the impression I get is that Sony, Microsoft etc dont give a damn about games shops, they just want to sell to WalMart, Tesco and ASDA. I hate this, it seems that mega-corps deal with mega corps, and everyone else can just get stuffed. This is why selling direct to my customers is such a good thing. I don't like middlemen, I think they exploit both sides of things. It's good to be indie again.

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