Monday, October 31, 2005

DAY TWO - Daleks And Accountants
Someone bought me a four foot high inlfatable dalek for my birthday. Left alone, its just an inflatable dalek (which is still funny after half a bottle of wine). But taped to the top of my Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, its a genuine robotic security guard. My cat jadzia is NOT amused. I'm hoping to will scare trick or treaters into scaling down their demand for sweeties too.*
I have got a pretty good days work done on the uber secret new game. Its amazing how hard you work when you are working for yourself.
I need to sort out whether or not I'm taking on a contract to work for a third party, that should happen tonight, so then I'll know if the secret new game will get put on hold or not.

I've also started work towards getting an accountant. I've done my own accounts for 5 years but It's time to pay a salary and get serious about it.

*this didnt work, they were interested, but not scared. thats kids these days I spose.

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