Friday, October 28, 2005

DAY ONE - Daggers And Satsumas

Ok, here I am, working for myself again. This time its serious. This is day one. I've already achieved more by 12.00 than I would have in a full day in an office. No interruptions, no noises, no 11.00am weekly fire alarm test etc.
I intend to stay fairly healthy whilst working from home, so step one - Satsuma a day, peeled in the traditional fashion with a Klingon warriors Daqh-tagh :

Ok, so Klingons ate Gagh, not satsumas, but I had noddles last night.
Progress on top secret game #1 is going well. I really think it has potential. Im aiming for < 6 months dev time (max) and my aim is for it to sell as well as Democracy. I already have a domain name for it, I'll aim to release details and a 'coming soon' style website in a month or so. I won't be showing screenshots of features I haven't done, or artists impressions of what the game might look like in 5 years. I'll leave that crap to Sony :D

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