Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I don't generally discuss my normal job on my blog. Mainly because its a big company with corporate lawyers around every brick looking for something to be angry at. They probably wouldnt even want me to have a link to their site from my blog. I think I'll remove it now.
I am not having fun at my day job right now. Its end of project time, and start of new project time. I can think of many things that should be happening, good things such as celebrating, learning from past problems, re-engineering with an eye on a prosperous future etc etc.
That's not the way I'm feeling about it right now. Today has really bought things into perspective. Its only 4 days until my Birthday when I'll be 36. I think I'm going to know one way or the other how my career is going to go before then. I have absolutely no doubt that it will turn out well, and successfully. I am mr self-confidence :D but as for exactly how that translates into what I do for a living, that's another thing.
Wish me luck. and wish my enemies the sense to not fuck with me :D

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