Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I had some time just to sit and play through the latest Democracy build today, and found a few bugs that need fixing. Then I'll be putting together a preview build for some of the players to have a look at, before hopefully uploading it as a new version.
Then hopefully I can concentrate 100% on the new game. I keep dithering about the general look of the game, not sure if it should look a bit less hardcore.
Basically its a business simulation game, with a bit of a sarcastic twist to it. I've been looking at some of the more 'casual' biz sims like Lemonade Tycoon, Coffee Tycoon etc, to get tips from their interfaces. I'm hoping to make the selling points of this game its humour and its gameplay, which I have a lot of plans for in terms of keeping the player interested.
I've also started a new advertising campaign for Democracy.

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