Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jadzia is my cat, and she has a new playbuddy, the robotic 'Roomba' hoover. Its a very geeky toy. a supposudly intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that you have zip round your house. I just got mine.
Some notes:
1) Roomba is BIG. This isnt a tiny little nano-bot, this thing is the size of a BIG dinner plate.
2) Roomba is noisy. Its a vacuum cleaner, and it sounds like one, i expected something quiet
3) Roomba DOES clean your house, albeit very stupidly and with much bumping into doors.
4) Roomba does NOT get stuck anywhere like as often as you would assume. It seems to have all kinds of evasion algorithms to shake itself off from bits where it gets stuck.

Having a cat, and a moderately big house, and being lazy, makes me a prime candidate for a robot hoover. The reality is that it's not bad, but could be better. It also looks a bit like how I imagined the 'drones' in Iain M Banks novels. When they bring out a floating model with aura fields, effectors and nanomissiles to guard my house, I'm going to order one.

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