Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sales are holding steady. I tend to compare my 'month to date daily income' report at least once a day on Plimus, sometimes more. I have truly become Quark, the ferengi from ST:DS9. "I monitor my profits hourly, my hourly figures become my daily sales predictions...". Holy cow, if I was Bill gates I would get NOTHING done. I'd sit in front of the screen pressing F5 constantly and seeing how many sales I'd made since the last keypress...
I have been neglecting the marketing side a bit as I threw myself into a new '2D with Zoom' engine for a possible space game I might do next. I have arranged for some cool banner ads for Democracy, plus hopefully there is a review coming up on a download site. I've also made a few brief steps towards retail publishers, although I'm still sceptical about them. Rule of thumb no:1 'You will only get the advance, ignore any sales projections and royalties because its normally all lies'.
In other news, I had to have a tooth taken out, I am now 95% gums on the lower right side of my mouth. bizzarely I feel very very depressed about this. I am truly one step closer to being a shortsighted bald gummy pensioner. The dentists recommends titanium replacement teeth at £2,000 a go (I bet he does). This is insane, although it would make me 1% terminator, which may yet sway my decision.

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