Saturday, July 23, 2005

I have caught some horrid sore throat / cold from someone. this is not good. Not feeling 100% at all. Despite this, I have added Poland as a country to Democracy. This is in preparation for a potential retail deal there. Sales have tailed off slightly, but more advertising starts Monday, so I'm hoping that will turn things around.
Its frustrating in some ways that Democracy has real and not virtual countries, because I think of a whole host of cool things I could introduce to the game if I was free to play around at will with the countries, and not make them seem like the real places they represent. Possibly this is what I should do as an add-on for the game. Its still all up in the air at the moment.
Ideally I would run the game on a constantly updated subscription model like ShortHike, which I bet does really well, but that would mean too much of a commitment from me in terms of constantly finding time to always update the game. Subscription models are the future for games, that's for sure. Its crazy that a game like Battlefield 2, which is basically online-only, is a one-shot pay-up-front model. It would be better to charge 10c a game or something.

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