Sunday, July 10, 2005

last night I watched Office Space again. Its a very funny film, but I realsied that although I laugh at the company names in it ('initech, penetech') my own company has an awful name - Positech.
I feel an explanation is needed.
Positech is a rubbish name for a computer games company I would rpefer:
"Stealthy Squirrel Games"
"NinjaCat Games"
"Rodent Warrior games"
or anything really. The thing is, when i first bought a domain name and started to sell Asteroid Miner I already had a company called Positech. It was an 'off-the-shelf' limited company that I bought when I did IT contracting.
I can't even get the .com domain name...
Anyway I've had it for so long I'm stuck with it, which is a pity really.
Sales are still superb, Plimus have screwed up the download file somehow, but we are working it out I think.

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