Monday, April 25, 2005

Mondays are never much fun...
Anyway, sales of all games are pretty good today, this months sales look likely to beat last month by a factor of 2 at least so that's pretty good stuff. There is already some modded content starting to appear for Democracy which is superb news. Making an indie game moddable is the smartest move you can make.
I'm just at the testing stage of the new patched version (1.0.1) right now, maybe it will get uploaded tonight, maybe tomorrow, haven't decided yet. Sales are so good that I'm paranoid about changing 'anything' even if I think its probably a big improvement.
I need to get my skates on in terms of the marketing stuff, but I'll be doing that once this versions on sale ok, and once I have some feedback from a few publishers who are awaiting the newer version. Its all good stuff!
I played some WW2 RTS today, battle for arnhem or something? Anyway its blatantly Desert rats v Afrika corp with different levels. Fat chance of me paying £35 for that. Can't big retail companies have more than 1 idea every 20 years?

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