Sunday, March 27, 2005

Still working on democracy, and being upbeat about its potential even as Starship Tycoon enters a rare downslide in sales. I was hoping this would be another record month but sadly not.
Anyway, I just made a change to Democracy that it badly needed. Previously new policies took effect imediately, with only changes being delayed by the 'effect delay'.
So if you doubled the railway subsidies it would gradually take effect over 18 months, but if you suddenly implemented that policy, the initial default value(0.5) would be implemented immediately.
This was BAD.
So its now looking like its fixed, which is cool, and I've also fixed a huge list of other stuff such as:
Tons of spelling errors
Thicker lines for easier reading of the polling history graphs
Fixes for some policy effects that were backwards
Fixes for fullscreen and resume game toggles
Fixes for post-load failure to read finance history for the first quarter.
Plus other minor niggles.
I also added a new policy - Stem Cell research. Its a good one, because it's a trade off between religious people and a boost to GDP. I'm not looking forward to the angry emails from both sides of that debate though (Its impossible to keep everyone happy).

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