Saturday, April 02, 2005

My new lightsaber from turned up. Thats a picture of me looking like a geek on the right there. Its very cool, and very geeky as well. Now I own 2 lightsabers. I am truly a l33t g33k. This one has sound and a motion sensor and the beam travels up the blade. Geeky? yes. Cool? yup.

Anyway... I'm in the last section of working on democracy now, putting together a playable demo etc. I have a big backlog of beta requests but I think I have enough feedback now, so its probably going on sale in the next week. I'm waiting on some last artwork, then some banner ad design work, and of course I'll spend some more time looking for bugs and balancing issues. I'll also hopefully add a few more events and dilemmas to the game.
I'll probably start with a fairly low key un-advertised launch for the game so I can get any feedback on bugs I might miss or don't find on my system, Then I'll go for a big advertising splurge.

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