Saturday, April 23, 2005

Great Sales, Great Headphones.
Democracy continues to sell like hotcakes, outselling Starship Tycoon by a huge margin. And I havent patched it or done any advertising yet, so this is excellent. I'm adding some events and dilemmas and also sprucing up some bits of the GUI, and hopefully I;'ll be in a position to release a patch by Monday. With any luck, my first democracy banner ad will be ready by then.

I can't praise my Bose QuietComfort headphones highly enough. Most of the time when I need quiet I just unplug the cable and wear them without listening to music, often without even needing to switch them on, they are so good at blocking out noise. Some people might think that its a silly price for headphones ($250 dollars). but consider this:
If you wear headphones 10% of your day. And they last 5 years. Then you are basically spending $50 a year to vastly improve something that you wear for probably 40 minutes every single day. Now take that $250 over 5 years and invest it in higher rent. what difference would that make to your quality of life? an extra 0.002 square meters of living space? These headphones improve my quality of life measurably, and they are a bargain :D

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