Sunday, April 10, 2005

I have finally stopped adding features and data to Democracy, and bar finding any noticeable bugs, I intend to release it this coming friday. I just need to get 1 more icon from the artist, check the installers include everything, and maybe do a readme or html manual to include with the game. Then its just a matter of paying the PR guy, updating the web page to include buy links and voila!
I'm going to try a price of $24.95 which I think is about right, any lower would be a bit of a downer what with the dollar being worth about as much as gravel these days... Its only good news if you spend your money on sillt things like imported headphones and replica lightsabers...
Inbetween all this I have a list of publishers whom I have promised final copies for evauation, and hopefully I'll be talking to some of them as well.
Sales of my other games have slumped for a few days but look like they are slowly picking up again.
Its now only a week or so until THIS GAME is released and I become an RTS addict again.

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