Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Been extremely busy lately. Lots of polishing work has gone into the final builds of Democracy, although playtesting reveals its still a bit easy in the long run, so I'm fixing that today.
I'm becoming swamped with interest from publishers which is a very nice position to be in. Now I'm at the fun part, which is the actual contract negotiation bit. It will be nice to have it all wrapped up and the proper wheels in motion. I have a million ideas for expansion packs and further games...

I have my summer holiday booked, and its nice to go on holiday during summer when places are actually open! Is it gratuitous to book a villa with a swimming pool when neither of you really swim? bwahahahahahahaha! It will be a nice last break before the insanity that is the last days of working on the billion dollar project that is 'The Movies'.

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