Tuesday, May 11, 2004

people are such sheep.
tommorow E3 starts. There will be lots of people going "whoah dude" and "thats the greatest game ever made" as they are impressed by booth babes, big video screens, lasers, hype, loud noises, FMV, maybe even (gasp) some video or gameplay.
But in most cases the people at E3 won't play the games. The publishers and developers won't be happy to sit journalists down with a copy of their latest game and just let them see what they think.
People aren;t allowed to form their own opinions of a game now. We have to read reviews written by people who were wined and dined at the publishers expense, introduced to all the people working on the team, personally guided through the very best bits of the game by the games designer, all while PR people splutter superlatives into their ears.
This is how games should be evaluated by the press.
a gold master CD arrives on their desk, with a manual.
they play it
they review it.
Because like it or not, that is how YOU the consumer will experience the game, no booth babes, no laser shows, no PR, no free lunch and complementary champagne...
Keep this in mind when you read all the glowing hyperbole that will get splashed over websites over the next few days.

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