Monday, May 03, 2004

Well after much pestering I have turned on this trackback malarkey.
The consensus in shareware land is that sales are dipped because its exams time in the US, which is as good an excuse as any. I've sold quite a few games through realgames this last month so I checked to see if I was on the front page or something, but apparently not. I'm still suprised they can sell moon tycoon, deep sea tycoon and lemonade tycoon, but didnt want starship tycoon. ho hum. I think I agree with those who say that the trick is to self publish anyway.
I'll be popping into lionhead later to get some last minute E3 stuff done later.
Heres some fun and exciting sales figures:

Last weeks shareware sales:

total income: $66.01

StarLines INC: 1 copy
Starship Tycoon: 2 copies (1 through affiliate)
Asteroid Miner: 2 copies ( 1 through affiliate)

Not exactly a kings ransom is it? Its normally better than this. And you can add on the egames (quarterly) check for another $280 plus whatever I earned from RealGames this week(probably another $50).

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