Sunday, May 09, 2004

Got some more work done today on govt. got events working better and added support for policies to have a 2 way effect on a voter type. In english, this means that (for example) motorists could have a positive view on low car tax, and a negative one on high car tax, with a sweetspot of indifference somewhere in between.
for this to work, those policies need to be non cancellable, so I think I might have maybe 2 or 3 policies per group that you can adjust but not cancel (like income tax or military spending). I think the game could be great fun.
I played a puzzle game called pipeline today. its very good.
get it here
Also spent well over an hour building a ramp for my cat so she can get into her cat-flap 'tunnel' from outside in the new conservatory. I'm very proud of it, theres twin side support struts and a number of rungs to avoid slippage. She can get into the tunnel without it, but nothings too good for my cat.
I'll probably be sad enough to post pictures of it tommorow.
Pesky puss hasn't used it yet, despite much encouragement.

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