Thursday, May 06, 2004

I got quite a bit of work done on events for government. I haven't written much code, but the code design is in place, which is 99% of the effort. Its going to work in a very data-driven way, reusing the same neural network structure that the rest of the game uses. I also sketched out a basic interface for it, and I'm now happy with the new blueish grid like interface (with icons) that ive got for the main policy screen. Ill upload screenshots soon.
Sales of Starship Tycoon have picked up again, and I still have high hopes of getting paid by at least one of these publishers, which might mean I'll be in the market for a laptop. I'll have to spend the money on some kind of geek toy, otherwiseit will just end up emptied into the money pit that is owning your own house.
I've never actually owned my own laptop, although I'e had work-provided ones in the past. I'll probbaly go for a dell one, as my dell laptop was great and they seem extremely competitive on price these days.

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