Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Ok things have been busy at work with E3 stuff, but the movies is looking very good indeed.
I've been selling a few copies of Starship tycoon and StarLines over the last few days, which isn't bad, plus today I got my monthly Realgames check which is about $250 which isn't that bad. I've just been checking out This site which doesnt seem bad as a general resource for shareware develoeprs such a smyself.
I keep reading about people who are developing indie puzzle games which seems total insanity when there are at least 50 decent ones on the market already, and hardly any decent shooters RPGs or sim games. I hope this bodes well for my government game.
I'm about to add some new code to the game, which I haven't done for a while, as I've been re-evaluating the games interface. I'm concious of the fact that its current design leads itself to just having the player discover the 'sweet-spot' for the simulation and leaving it there, with a bunch of happy voters. I'm going to add events (like terrorism, general strikes,recessions epidemics etc) to mix things up a bit.

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