Monday, May 10, 2004

eeek blogger is all different. how bizzare.
Just saw some great screenshots at for a game called gunslingers. a cel-shaded wild west shooter. looks greta, pity there isnt a website or a release date.
That got me looking through the garagegames list of projects, and some of them are pretty dire.
So many of their games seem to have more thought and effort put into the 'company logo' than the concept for the game.
Most of them go something like this:

Liquid Hyperl33t entertainments present:
Redemption! Codename:nemesis
A next generation FPS set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where you are fighting the evil whatever blah blah
no screenshots yet.

So these projects EVER get as far as a screenshot? let alone a demo or a finished game (or a sale). How ever many times its written in tutorials, kids never get the message that their first game needs to be a pong or asteroids clone, not the latest half-life 2 beater.
I shouldnt complain, this is why there isnt much 'real' competition for indie games.

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