Wednesday, March 17, 2004

the source control code at work is borked again so im sat here doing nothing.
doesnt happen to the indie developer does it ;)
Anyway, my latest game xtazy advertising kicked off today, and I already have 2 sales so thats good (but prob a coincidence) sales ahve been pretty good in fact for the last few days.
I have been having some problems with debugging in DevStudio, I suspect that a dll is corrupted, and whenever i hit a breakpoint it also triggers some random assert message. Im pretty convinced that dbghelp.dll is to blame, but even using system restore to roll back didnt change it, whihc is very strange.
on the bright side i fixed a bug last night in ST regarding changing screen res. It only manifested itself when changing to super hi res (1280 1024 windowed in this case) which is very weird as i was accessing beyond the bounds of an array (ouch).
I really need to get serious about testing and checking ym code in an organsied and modular fashion.
Supposudly they started building our conservatory on monday, but I still havent seen anything actually happen yet. Builders eh? its money for old rope I tell you.

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