Tuesday, March 16, 2004

games are going insane. Im in a bad mood today, so im probably not being impartial, but one of the games at work has a soundtrack done by a 90 piece orchestra.
Needless to say, that costs big money. it probably means several hundred meg (minimum) of music.
Is it REALLY that much better than synthed music? I'm all for games having good production values, but the whole industry has gone bananas. Companies are canning perfectly good, playable, fun original games, just so they can concentrate on the 1 or 2 generic bullshit titles that will be popular.
As a gamer, I'd rather have a choice of 10 games, each costing £200k each to make, with reasonably good production values, than the choice of 2 games, costing a million bucks each, both looking as good as The lord OF the Rings.
Maybe im too old school, but I play games to interact have fun and experiment, not to go "whoah look at that" all the time.
I can buy the Star Wars prequels and sit and watch them whilst eating maltesers if I want a visual feast.
Games are fun.
The industry has forgotten this.
Thank god for small indie games.

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