Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Screenshots didnt get released today. *sigh*
I am currently in the phase of negotiating an american retail deal for Starship tycoon. It could be good, but I'm not counting the chickens until the cash is in the bank. As part of this deal, I need to get the very hacky level editor for St into a more usable state. I did some very basic work on it tonite, but I don't have very much experience at all with normal Windows coding (its a standalone editor using the windows GUI) and almost none at all using MFC. I'm not using MFC for the editor, and maybe one day I will have to learn how it works and take the plunge. Of course, its probably very old hat by now, everyone must use the .NET framework, or Active/Java/C# net-Beans or something.
"In my day" etc...

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