Saturday, March 06, 2004

IGDA Forums might be of interest to some. I never even knew they had forums until yesterday.
Been a good sales today today, sold $60 worth of Starship Tycoon and maybe made another $20-30 from StarLines through Realgames. Plus probably earned some money through retail stuff as well (checks come quarterly).

I did some work on my new game, the design has just changed radically (again). I'm experimenting with this idea of doing a mockup of the games GUI before doing the code. Its very helpful, you quickly see what would be a crap or a great game.
After all, a game IS just a GUI at the end of the day. Or at least, thats one way to approach things.
I think I hve quite a good game idea, but the devl is in the detail and the implementation. Its like TheMovies, its not a clever or radical idea for a game at all, others have done games like Hollywood Mogul or Movie Studio Boss. The quality of the game will be won by the cleevrness of the design, and the GUI.

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