Monday, March 15, 2004

Been real busy.
I finally fixed a very obscure bug in ST. the problem was I thought it was fixed months ago, but as it rusn out, this bug ony manifested itself when run outside the IDE, so i kept failing to reporduce it.
I still dont know why that was the case, but once I could reproduce it, it wasnt that bad tracking it down. It all came down to an old lvie of code where I created a window, but faield to use that same window to fill out with graph data.
My gui code was a bit sloppy and didnt initialise stuff implicitly, so i had a non initialised window frame lying around when this code was called. Because the UV positions were not being set on the window frame, it was drawing a load of gibberish in an unused window frame on the screen. But its fixed now, and a few other small bugs are also fixed.
Yoshi, the movies dog is at work this week. Yoshi is cool. He is so obedient, he will offer you his paw to shake hands with. My cat is very cute and full of personality, but she wouldnt meow at me if I spontaneously combusted.
I guess you just cant train cats.

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