Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Took the other cat

Jadzia *resisted* again this morning. we never even got close, she knew something was afoot and hid.
So we grabbed Jack and stuffed him in the vet-provided box and took him instead, so at least he has had 1 initial jab. That's 1 jab down, 3 to go, as they both need two. I ordered a new big cat box because that one seems much better than the tiny thing we try to stuff them into.
My arm is still covered in scratches and severe cuts :(.

back in game-dev land and I have finished off the revamp of the 'evening classes' GUI code this morning. It looks much nicer than before, which a cool blackboard effect, rather than a plain windowsy dialog.
This afternoon I'm going to have a look at improving some front end stuff. I'm keen to get some new avatar art in to the game so I can start showing people some screen-shots of the blasted thing.

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