Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cat Scratch fever

So... One of the possible long term plans is to emigrate somewhere nicer and cheaper. And one of the requirements for doing this is that you have up to date injections for your pets. 2 cats in my case.
Neither cat is up-to-date because they both have high resistance to being put in cat boxes to take to the vets.
99% of the stress of the vet trip (which is in the same road) is getting them *in* the box.
This morning we were prepared, we lured jadzia into the kitchen with food, and blocked off two doors, and placed a bin in front of the catflap. The cat box was already in the room opened. As she was eating, I grabbed her and stuffed her backwards into the box.

in theory.

In practice there was lots of screeching and whining, followed by her getting out of my hands and trying to escape, eventually somehow getting through the cat flap. I haven't seen her since.
I, however, look like I've been wrestling with Freddy Krueger, and have 18 separate incisions and scratches on my right hand. The blood loss alone was considerable.

So we now have borrowed a much bigger cat cage from the vets which opens at the top, and have been advised to pick her up using a towel. She is booked in again for tomorrow at 9AM. My predictions for success in this endeavour are very poor.

Tune in tomorrow for the results.

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