Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Looking for an Artist

Just got back from holiday in Switzerland, sadly without any luggage, which is probably gone forever. grrrrr

I need an artist. Here is the official ad:

I'm doing a sequel to this:
And need a character artist. Its 2D stuff, and more casual-friendly than my previous art. In the original game I used poser characters, but I want hand drawn art this time.
I won't be having the full screen face close-up images, just the 512 pixel high avatars.
If you haven't seen the game before, think of a 2D, turn based version of the Sims.

So basically my requirements are for someone who can do
a) layered avatars, with customisability, in a paper-doll style like this:
with the possibility of applying RGB tints to each layer

b) small portrait images for the main characters friends. just simple 2D portraits.

Ideally I want someone who
a) Has art in an existing, published casual game
b) Can start work fairly soon.

Rates to be negotiated

Its a short term contract obviously, I'm not hiring anyone fulltime.
I don't care what country they are from as long as their English is good.

Know anyone?

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