Friday, April 04, 2008

Rock legend on the MAC

Recently I released the mac version of Kudos : Rock legend. It's handled by a 3rd party, who port the code, host the files and take the orders, I just get involved to count my share of the money :D. The game seems to be selling pretty well. I think this is down to three factors:

  • There aren't THAT many mac games, so there is less competition.
  • Piracy on the mac is lower
  • Lots of mac-owners are musicians, and probably more likely to be into the games subject matter.

Regardless of the reasons, I'm not complaining, coming as it does right at a recent slump in my own sales :(

Work continues on Kudos 2, I've spent part of the day doing a new handwriting font for the diary-entry parts of the game, I did a bit of final work on the crossword GUI (including totally new clues for both versions), and also some new asset graphics. I'm currently experimenting a bit with what parts of the game look better with the handwriting font.

I plan to really take my time with this game and make it as polished as humanly possible. It already looks better than any game I have made before, and I am hoping it will look and feel better too when I release it sometime this year (hopefully).

In other news, I added a new affiliate-sold game to my website. Called LUX. Check it out:

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