Thursday, April 03, 2008

Getting back into code mode for 2 days

So there are no excuses today, I've been back off holiday over 24 hours now. Yesterday was partly spent dealing with a ton of email, and looking for a new artist. I also had lots of tedious business stuff to do, like paying my monthly expenses yada yada. I nearly got caught by some fairly convincing google adwords phishing too.

My holiday has just left me with more non-work bullshit to deal with, such as recover my luggage, claim compensation for the luggage, get my camera repaired, claim on holiday insurance for broken camera etc etc.
In between all of this I have been talking to potential artists and drawing up asset lists, plus trying to remember where I was in code and design terms. Plus there is a possible bug in Democracy 2's voter code, and discussions regarding renaming and branding the game for a re-release in September for the US elections.
And with all this going on, the Mac version of Kudos: Rock Legend has been released.

If I had just a bit more stuff like this going on, I could actually just handle the business, and not have time to code or design. I could do without the coding (which can be dull) but I'd miss the design side.
And I only have 2 days work until I head off to meet some fellow indie devs for a sort of pizza/gathering in Birmingham.
busy busy busy

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