Thursday, April 17, 2008

Personality Types

I have a minor dilemma in Kudos 2.
I have more personality types than before, and up till today I've been thinking it was nice and simple and easy if each NPC only had 1 characteristic.
So Jack is Dull, Bob is Clever and Sally is Charismatic.
The thing is, you maybe only know 4-8 people at any one time, so its unlikely you will cover all the personality types, so the part of the game dealing with associating with positive personalities seems a bit lucky dip.
I can introduce you to more people (co-workers etc), but I know the best solution is to have people go back to having multiple types, like they did earlier in development.
So Bill is now Dull but Clever. Sally is Charismatic but dishonest. Lane is optimistic and friendly. etc etc.
This means a lot of GUI changes, plus code to ensure that only sensible groupings go together. (no optimistic + pessimistic people, lots of optimistic and charismatic ones etc etc.).

I want the game to be simple, but I want it to make sense too, and have people feel that their NPC friends are lifelike. I guess I need to change it.

In other news, olympus will repair my broken digital camera and mail it back for just £42. That's quite abargain, as I didn't really want to buy another one. Hurrah for olympus!

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