Sunday, April 20, 2008

Affiliate deals

Went away on holiday for just a day and a half. My god it is windy in the peak district.
Back today and doing some code housekeeping stuff. I now have 3 people who are potentially affiliates for Democracy 2.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate (in indie game terms) is usually another game developer, who sells games similar to your own. Because we take 6 months to a year to make a game, there is very little 'news' on our websites, so between games we may sell other peoples games on commission. If you check you will see I'm selling Lux. Sillysoft made lux, not me, but it's game that appeals to my customers, and Sillysoft cut me a percentage of any sales through me. In the same way, a few other game devs sell my stuff.

Affiliates are preferable in some ways to regular publishing deals, because
a) the people making money from your stuff are fellow struggling game devs
b) you still actually process the sale yourself, get the customers details for tech support purposes etc
c) you can change or cancel the deal at any time.

Affiliates are like the friendly, low-hassle community-based version of a publishing deal. They can be more lucrative too, because there is no extra layer of middlemen, just you and the other developer.

So don't be scared if you see some other dev selling my game, or me selling someone else's games. nobody is getting ripped off :D.

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